Strong Company, for strong Georgia!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the areas of strategic importance in the activities of RMG. Hundreds of projects have been supported by RMG amounts to more than 50 million GEL since 2012, in terms of various art projects, sportsmen and sports teams, creative youth and teams, construction of Bolnisi Museum, various local and international conferences, competitions, cultural heritage programs and biodiversity conservation, among them it's noteworthy the participation in social assistance and COVID 19 assistance activities.

Culture Support

RMG is an active supporter of art ensembles and educational circles in the region. This gives local teenagers the opportunity to study dance, song and painting for free. More than 700 students study in art studios funded by RMG every year.

Company RMG patronages 40-year history children ensemble "Madneuli" existing to the Culture House in borough Kazreti, art studio "Palitra" and children's pop ensemble "Imedi".

Company supports to folk choreographic ensembles "Martve" and "Dmanisi" in Kazreti and Dmanisi.

Winemaking Program Bolnuri

Bolnisi is the name of a promising place on the Georgian wine map. In recent years, local winemakers have restored the ancient Georgian tradition - make wine in Kvevri and wine name Bolnuri has spread outside of Georgia.

In 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between RMG the Wine makers Association "Wine Bolnisi" and the Bolnisi Municipality, according to which RMG took responsibility to promote the production, promotion and development of Bolnuri wines.

Georgian-German Wine House

In order to support Bolnisi winemakers, RMG bought a centuries-old German house in Bolnisi and with its renovation and improvement will enable local winemakers to present their products both in Georgia and abroad.
Georgian-German Wine House will present products, tasting and presentation spaces of Bolnisi winemakers, where guests will be able to taste Bolnisi wines.

Bolnisi Museum

In 2020, a new museum was opened in Bolnisi. The museum building, which meets international standards, has a permanent exhibition and also a temporary exhibition space. Archaeological materials and works of scientific importance are exhibited in the exhibition spaces, mainly from the collections of the Georgian National Museum and also from the Bolnisi Museum of Local Lore.

Funds, science laboratories, auditorium equipped with modern technologies, library and public spaces are placed in the museum building. Altogether, Bolnisi Museum combines exhibition and cultural-educational spaces, study, lecture halls and media library. The museum complex allows the visitor to get acquainted with the rich past and cultural history of Georgia and the region.

Cultural Heritage Program

Within the framework of the Cultural Heritage Protection and Social Responsibility programs of the company throughout Georgia, a cultural heritage protection program has been implemented since 2017 together with the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. Within the framework of the program, with the financial support of RMG, the following seven national cultural heritage monuments were rehabilitated and / or archeological-research works were carried out on their territory.

  • Bolnisi Sioni
  • Satkhi Monastery Complex
  • Pitareti Monastery
  • Samshvilde Town
  • Chelishi Monastery Complex
  • Alaverdi monastery complex
  • Old Shuamta Monastery
Educational Program

ARM’s Scholars
Supporting successful pupils and students across Georgia, organizing various projects in the field of non-formal education for them, assigning RMG scholarships to excellent students - these are important areas of the company's social responsibility.
Especially noteworthy RMG Scholarship Program that is signed in accordance with the memorandum in 2017 provides for the appointment of annual scholarships for excellent students of the Faculty of Mining, Geology, Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of the Georgian Technical University. Dozens of students of different specialties from the Technical University became RMG's scholars.

Sport Support Program

RMG aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, support young beginners and professional athletes.

RMG is a supporter of famous judoists, Olympic and world champions - Vazha Margvelashvili, Beka Ghviniashvili, Lasha Shavdatuashvili.

The company plays an important role in supporting rugby. In just seven years, the company has spent more than $ 1.5 million to develop Georgian rugby. The result is obvious - Georgian rugby team is playing in 8 nations. Since 2019, RMG has been a supporter of the rugby club "Kochebi", which plays in the "Big Ten". RMG is the sponsor of the broadcast of the official matches of the Georgian national rugby team.