Strong Company,
For Strong Georgia!

We serve Georgian mining and we are the management team of one of the largest companies in Georgia and the South Caucasus - "Rich Metals Group".

The mining industry is the basis of the economic sustainability in many countries around the world. Rich Metals Group (RMG) companies - RMG Gold, RMG Copper, RMG Auramine and Caucasus Mining Group have been mining in Georgia - Bolnisi, Dmanisi and Tetritskaro districts since 2012.

"RMG" produces polymetallic concentrate and gold Dore alloy by open and groundwater extraction and processing of ores containing copper, gold and polymetals.

We serve Georgian mining and we are the management team of one of the largest companies in Georgia and the South Caucasus - "Rich Metals Group".

Since 2012, we have been consistently implementing and confirming through our daily activities that the most important result is not short-term, but long-term success provided by a sustainable business model.
We have completed the first phase of the strategic cycle that aimed to reconfigure and modernize processing assets. This has created a solid foundation for the future development of the business.

The prospects for future development are more important than the results achieved. We strongly believe in the direction of development we have chosen and aim to implement even more ambitious plans for both business growth and environmental issues.

All our activities are based on the principles of sustainable development that means both the rational use of natural resources and the sustainable development of the region where we operate. Through the implementation of social responsibility programs, we build relationships based on long-term cooperation with the local population, helping them to solve existing problems and improve their quality of life on a daily basis.
Human resources play a crucial role in the success of our business. We base our personnel policy on the principles of employee respect and fairness, thus ensuring the career growth opportunities of each employee, according to their potential.

RMG's mission is to support the country's economic sustainability. Our goal is to do important work with high social responsibility that means caring for people, the environment and the economic development of the country.

We have a well-thought-out challenges and responsibilities in the mining industry. Therefore, the goal of "RMG" is to do a sustainable business in Georgia, taking care of the environment and meeting modern world standards. This is the most important for us and for our employees who are more than 3 000.

We are building a strong economy that is the foundation of a strong country!
- Rich Metals Group Management Team
Joni Shubitidze

Executive Director

Kakhaber Mchedlishvili

Corporate Director

Lasha Meparishvili

Financial Director

Mikheil Kvaratskhelia

Director of Environmental Affairs

Boris Lipatov

Production Project Management Director

Vakhtang Abashmadze

RMG Auramine Production Director in the field of groundwater mining